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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at  Nu Formation, we make sure our customers trust in our services

without any questions still to be answered; therefore if you have any questions, hopefully

our frequently asked questions section below can assist you in the right direction. 

Is delivery free?

Delivery is FREE only if we have designed the graphics for you, if the graphics has been deisgned by an external source - we charge a small fee which will be added on the total.

How is payment made?

Once we have contacted you and you are ready for us to get underway with your work, we take payment via Cash in hand or you can transfer the money over to us - details will be provided. Which ever method you prefer.

What is Service Fee?

Service Fee plays the role of a deposit, The service fee is a one off fee that is charged before the we begin to design; Service fee starts at £20.00 but can vary depending on projects cost. 

Service fees are NON REFUNDABLE.

What happends if I need to make changes after final payment?

We understand there might be occasions when you suddenly change your mind in regards of colour, size and maybe even wording, We offer a complimentry after service on every project up to 3 months from final payment being made. After the 3 month period, each adjustment will be chargable. At this point, refunds will be NON REFUNDABLE if there is proof of distribution of project.

How does the photography payments work?

To book and secure your photography shoot; we require a 50% depositAfter the photography shoot is finished, we require the final instalment to be paid. If final instalment is not paid - it will be classed as a late payment in which we will charge you £10.00 per unpaid day on top of final instalment.

Do I get to see the progress of my design?

Thats correct! Here at Nu Formation we acknowledge that as a client you want to see how your design is getting on for your own piece of mind, so we offer an update service where we can communicate with you through Email or even through Whatsapp! which ever method you prefer. With this process allows you to see step by step what we are doing and gives you the opportunity to submit your ideas also.

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